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Africa Interior Design Week & Awards(AIDW&A) is set to be an annual event with global  acknowledgement aimed at unifying, acknowledging, and celebrating interior architects/ designers, architects and product designers among others. With this year’s theme of ‘WE THRIVE TOGETHER‘, our goal is to unite Africa through interior architecture/interior design, promote the role and impact of interior architecture / design as a profession that supports the health, safety and the welfare of the  general public, advocate for universal design as a catalyst for change, and develop sustainable  innovative ideas that will design the future of Africa. The AIDW&A 2023 will bring together  both local and international companies and professionals in the interior architecture / design and construction industry to one of its kind Interior  Design Week scheduled for November 23rd – 25th, 2023 at the Sarit Expo Centre, Nairobi. With Jury & Speakers emanating from over 20 countries in Africa and others globally, AIDW&A 2023 is set to be one of a kind Interior Design week that will put Africa on a pedestal of designing it’s future.

Africa Interior Design Week & Awards is divided into 5 major segments:

At Africa Interior Design Week, attendees can look forward to several key events that highlight the industry’s dedication to professional excellence and collaboration. One of these events is the signing of the IFI (International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers) charter, which signifies a commitment to upholding high standards, ethics, and innovation in interior design. Additionally, the declaration of the African Interior Design Council showcases the industry’s collective effort to foster collaboration, growth, and recognition within the African design community. Both events demonstrate the significance of global and regional partnerships in advancing the interior design profession.


We actively advocate for the recognition and support of the interior design industry within national and regional policy frameworks. Through partnerships and engagements with relevant stakeholders, we work to shape policies that promote and nurture the growth of the industry.


The Africa Interior Design Week is an annual event that celebrates and promotes the field of interior design in Africa. It brings together designers, industry professionals, and enthusiasts to showcase exceptional design, explore emerging trends, and foster collaboration within the African design community.


Our mission is to elevate and celebrate the African interior design industry by recognizing and promoting exceptional design talent, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, and showcasing the unique aesthetics and innovation of African design.



Join us as we celebrate the power of design to transform spaces, inspire connections, and promote sustainable practices. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of creativity, innovation, and the vibrant beauty of African design at Africa Interior Design Week.

The Design week offers a platform for governments, Interior architects/designers and citizens to converge and forge enduring partnerships  and generate and explore opportunities in business and construction space that are innovative and sustainable. This will be an exciting opportunity through which  governments, the private sector, International Organizations and individuals can harness the power of interior design expo trade and exchange to shape a better  Africa

This is an offering that will challenge the minds of interior architects/designers and architects, urban planners, landscape architects etc. to  intrinsically work together to come up with best innovative universal designs that are socially inclusive for all. Exhibitors & Competitors in this category will play a key  role in the conference.

This is an Offering that will focus on educating the continent on why interior designers should be the leads in any construction, their position in the  construction world, showcase its undisputed importance, policies and procedures to be followed and the vital and enduring connections in the built  environment world that can help us prosper together. (Promoting multidisciplinary teamwork in project development in Africa – Defining The Place of the Interior  designer in the building and construction industry). Why they are conspicuously left out in the construction team. What next? Policy?

This will seek to educate all the construction functionalities and facets on how best to ensure that all new designs employ innovative  ways to ensure safety across all board. Topics will include but not limited to; standard of competence and knowledge in interior design, research and development  of local raw materials, furniture design, health and safety and professional practice and ethics. Design for Safety: Risk Management at the Design Stage of a  Building’s Life Cycle

Unraveling the mystery of Interior Design ecosystem and the right way to do it. How do we all fit together in the Interior Design Ecosystem

This a platform that encourages the entire African continent to support the construction materials and products being made and  manufactured in Africa

Affordable housing integrates thoughtful interior design to create stylish and functional living spaces that prioritize comfort, functionality, and aesthetics while catering to budget-conscious individuals and families.


Climate change interior design focuses on energy efficiency, sustainable materials, indoor air quality, water conservation, waste reduction, adaptive design, and promoting awareness.

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