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Welcome to Africa Interior Design Week EDC: We thrive together


The Experiential Design Centre (EDC) at Africa Interior Design Week is a unique and immersive space designed to provide attendees with an inclusive and interactive platform to experience a world that emphasizes universal design. The aim of this centre is to showcase and promote the importance of universal design principles and practices in the interior design industry to foster independent living, especially for Persons with Disabilities(PwDs).

What to Expect:

The centre is thoughtfully designed to create a
holistic experience for visitors, showcasing various aspects of interior architecture/design in different settings. Each of these spaces is carefully designed with universal design principles in mind, ensuring accessibility, functionality, and inclusivity for all individuals, regardless of age, ability, or background.

Portrait of black young man with disability working in office and using laptop, accessible workplace concept

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Position your brand at the forefront of the African design industry. Gain significant exposure among a targeted audience, including designers, architects, industry professionals, and design enthusiasts, thereby amplifying brand recognition and reach.

Residential Design

Should higlight the significance of universal design principles in creating homes that are accessible, comfortable and functional for all residents. It showcases elements such as adaptable living spaces and inclusive bathrooms and kitchen designs.

Public Transport Environment

The center offers a glimpse into the design considerations necessary for public transportation spaces. It focuses on creating a safe, comfortable and accessible environment for commuters.

Workplace Environment

An office space: Within the centre, the office space should highlight the concept of universal workplace design. It demonstrates the intergration of egornomic furniture adaptable workstation, proper lighting, and other elements that promote productivity, well being, and inclusivity in the workplace.

Retail Design

A section of the centre showcases the importance of universal design in retail spaces. It highlights the significance of clear signage, wide aisles, adjustable shelving, and other elements that enhance accessibility and convenience for all shoppers, including those with disabilities or special needs.

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