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Judging Criteria

The AIDW&A Jury are a selected panel of industry experts from each of the participating African countries. Their talents and contributions to their respective fields are genuinely aspirational and all jurors have several years of experience and are in leading or Founder positions within their organisations.

Eligibility: All participants in the Awards must be Interior Architecture/Design or related professionals or organizations in Africa while the students’ competition entrants must be Interior Architecture/Design or related students in recognized institutions in Africa.

  • Universal Design – Does the design support the needs for everyone in society including persons with disability
  • Research & Innovation – Does the design stand out, provide something new to the market or supplement/improve an existing product or service?
  • Aesthetics – Artistic value of the form, shape, color, texture, finishing, engineering, material used, etc.
  • Functionality – Ease of use, safety and maintenance
  • Ergonomics – The overall interaction with the user
  • Durability – The quality and longevity of the design
  • Impact – The benefits delivered to the user and/or society by the design
  • Utility – Does the design meet the intended purpose and needs of the user?
  • Ecological compatibility – potential environmental and/or ecological impact
  • Feasibility of production – How realistic is it, technically and economically, to bring this design to production and broad-scale use
  • Emotional quotient (EQ) – In addition to fulfilling its practical purpose, will the design create a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction?

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