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George Washington is the Founder and President of the Interior Designers Association of Kenya (IDAK) and the Africa Interior Design Week. With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Design (Interior Design), a Master of Arts in Design Degree (Interior Design), and a PhD in Design, all from reputable institutions, George is a highly educated and accomplished professional in the field. He is a workplace design strategist and expert who brings in new trends and ideas to create meaningful and functional work environments. As the Principal Consultant and CEO of Kencid Interiors, George emphasizes the importance of designing spaces where people spend a significant portion of their lives, focusing on utmost care and concentration to create exceptional workplace experiences.

Other Members of Kenya's Country Jury

Other members who form the country level jury who will be tasked to go through each submissions for the awards and competition.

Cecilia Mbati Magenyi

Vice President of IDAK

Cecilia Mbati Magenyi is the Vice President of the Interior Designers Association of Kenya. She runs her own interior design business, Blossom Designs, and has a strong background in strategic planning and operations oversight. Cecilia's expertise extends to her involvement in the boards of The Kenya College of Interior Design and the African Interior Design Week Board, making a positive impact in the industry.

Jacinta Serem

Organising Secretary of IDAK & Founder Marcus Miles Interiors

Jacinta is the Organizing Secretary of the Interior Design Association of Kenya (IDAK) and the founder of Marcus Miles Interiors. With over thirteen years of experience and a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design from the University of Nairobi, she specializes in creating comfortable and elegant spaces for residential and commercial projects.

Levi Morgan Mutta

Founder of Lemorgan Designs Ltd

Levi Morgan Mutta is an entrepreneur and Interior Designer. He is the founder of Lemorgan Designs Ltd., a highly regarded multi-disciplinary Interior Design firm with over a decade of industry experience. Lemorgan Designs specializes in high-end services including advising, planning, supervising, and retrofitting Interior Design projects in East Africa.

Joel Karanja

Chairman of Digital Broadcasters’ Association of Kenya (DBA)

Joel is a passionate media Practitioner and consultant in the broadcast industry with experience spanning over 12 years. He is an experienced consultant in formulation and designing of entry strategies for Television stations with different niche and business models. He has been involved in pioneering of several Television stations in the last 6 years and also played leading roles in revamping and restructuring others. Currently, he is the Chairman of Digital Broadcasters’ Association of Kenya (DBA) with over 50 members.

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